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Albino Patternless Labyrinth Burmese Pythons! In 2008 I was fortunate enough to produce the first two Patternless Labyrinths, but missed out on the albino version. However, the following year in 2009 (and 65 eggs later) I finally hit the jackpot and produced a homozygous Albino Patternless Labyrinth!
She has no pattern what so ever, and is a bit of a different color than the Albino Patternless in the clutch. The Patternless morph and the Labyrinth morph seem to block each other when combined, and neither one's pattern shows up. This resembles the green a lot more. I couldn't be happier with the result of a truly patternless Albino Burmese Python.


We produce Reticulated pythons, Ball pythons and Burmese pythons, with burms being our specialty. Each year we will be producing the following types of Burmese pythons:

We currently are the only breeder that has produced the green labyrinth morph, and we will be combining this new morph with the caramels, granites, and hypos to produce other new morphs in the near future. Our collection of Burmese python color and pattern morphs is one of the most varied in the business, and when you buy from us, you are sure to get a genetically diverse and healthy snake with beautiful coloration. We are extremely selective in choosing our breeders, and only h snakes that are the most strikingly beautiful in color and pattern.

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