Other Snakes

Stillwater Hypo Bull snakes

These Stillwater Hypo Bull snakes are one of the few colubrids I still work with. I'm sure if you are looking at the pictures you can see why. Some people also refer to them as "Golden Hypos". They are by far my favorite Bull Snake morph and are an absolute joy to keep with their amazing colors, and wonderful temperaments. Currently I only keep two adults, and was very selective when I bought them as babies. My female is a much more orange specimen, and was produced by Home Grown Herps. She is the result of outbreeding a Stillwater hypo to a Stillwater locality bull in order to increase genetic diversity, and still try to keep the line as pure as possible. My male was produced by the originator of this morph, John Ginter. As you can see he is a bright yellow with solid red saddles. Both parents are amazing examples of this morph. While the babies on the other hand don't start with their bright adult colors, they do start with the same great temperaments. I have yet to have a baby bite me. Not even when I was sexing them! They are a great choice for a beginner in the hobby, to an advanced collector. My babies (especially females) usually sell very fast. So if you see them available don't wait long!

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